Buzz2Serv Key Points




Small Business    Large CorporationLarge Corporation
Provide a costs range for any type of project Provides a pricing guide that details costs for specific types of projects booked through AngiComparison tools to understand the pricing and success of other similar professionals in your area.
No Lead Limit (unlimited)Lead LimitationLead Limitation
Market Place Focuses on a variety of servicesMarketplace focuses exclusively on home service businessesMarketplace for various sorts of professional businesses (not exclusively home service oriented)
Free of ChargeHigh Monthly Cost ($200+/month)High Monthly Cost($400+/month)
Local Customer Service SupportCorporate SupportCorporate Support
Georgia FocusedUS NationwideUS Nationwide
Easiest to use system to manage customersEasy to use system for managing leads from start to finish of jobThumbtack offers the ability to manage messages and mark them according to various categories such as “job confirmed”.
Contractors automatically gets a notification once customer select them for service

Must wait for leads to come to you


Thumbtack’s Instant Match feature allows pros to get automatically assigned with jobs that fit their capabilities instead of waiting for responses.
Buzz2Serv AppAngi Pay AppThere is currently no system to receive payments directly through Thumbtack
Quality of Leads: GreatQuality of Leads: GoodQuality Of Leads: Good
Signup Time: 5 MinSignup Time: 20 MinSignup Time: 20 Min

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