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What is Buzz2Serv

Buzz2Serv is a Georgia based platform where the customers are paired up with a professional who can fulfill their requirements.

How are business added to Buzz2Serv

Businesses are added to Buzz2Serv by registering for an account. The business or the account holder will go through a business validity check and will be granted approval based on a passing check score. 

TheBuzz2Serv Code Of Business for Professionalism

  1. Service Lead Time: The service provider or individual will meet customers' expected requested date/time for the completion of the project. 
  2. Email/Phone Response Time: the individual will consistently respond to email and phone requests in a timely manner. 
  3. Communication Quality: the person should be able to communicate in English preferably, but is able to communicate with the customer professionally 
  4. Flexibility: The person is flexible to adjust to customer requests 
  5. Quality: The individual is consistently meeting the quality work standard that is set forth by the contract agreement. 
  6. Quality Control Issues: The professional is able to resolve and issue credit on instances where the issue cannot be resolved. 
  7. Service Cost/Pricing: the contractor will charge a fair price to the customer without any huge markups and passthrough costs. 
  8. Payment Terms: The payment or payment terms will be clearly outlined in the contract 
  9. Sustainability: The individual and professionals shows a consistent track record of meeting customers expectation

Non-Conformances: The professional will be fully responsible for non conformance in case something goes wrong with the customer contract and the level of service provide                                                                                                 

How do we register

There are two different ways you can access the website. 

  1. Signup with a valid email on the website as a Customer or a Contractor
  2. Sign in using your facebook, google, or apple login 
  3. Login using the steps 1 and 2

            Forgot password?

The users are allowed to reset their password using the forget password button on the main page. This allows users to get back online quickly and easily. 

  1. Is Buzz2Serv Free for the User?
    1. Yes, TheBuzz2Serv is totally free to use for the customer and Contractor.
    2. We will get custom based services in the future to full fill customer needs. 

Buzz2Serv Services can be classified into several major categories. The majority of the work is dealing with following types of individuals. 

  1. Contractors: These individuals may own a business, have a special skill set or are a licensed worker. 
  2.  Customers: These individuals will work with the contractors on the platform to pay for the services offered by the contractors. 

To Stay as a Pro

The individual or contractor, or business must maintain a 3 stars or above, otherwise their service as a pro will be revoked. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

Refund Policy

            What if a customer project or work is not meeting their current expectations? 

            We will refund the customer their money back if they are not satisfied with the contractors work or performance. 

Help and Support

 How do I contact TheBuzz2Serv

            Please email your inquires at

            We will answer try to resolve your questions and answers in a timely manner. 


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