B2S Purpose

The main purpose for this platform is to connect local contractors/workers with the right customer to fulfill their needs or request. The platform will let the user book service, track service, and give rating on completed services. The services include a variety of task/project that are very specific to the customer’s request. The target market includes homeowners and small business owners . 

Grow your business on Buzz2serv

Main differntiator for the website is our free service for our contractors and customers. 

Mission/Vision Statement

To put people to work and to be the number one provider of services in all market segments while serving local communities by utilizing local small business owners.

Core Values

Community: Our B2S exists because we want to emphasize community and promote local businesses while also helping local contractors get an amazing platform experience. 

Sustainability: By keeping everything online and easy to access, we’re reducing the number of clicks that the users have to make in order to utilize the platform. 

Authenticity: We work with local providers who value community work handled with care. We want our contractors to use only the very best products and provide with the best in class service to our customers. 

Relationship: We build multi-layer relationships with customers, including with decision makers in our customers organizations. 

Service: B2S deliver a great customer experience at every touchpoint

Solutions: B2S offer a wide variety of Solutions to meet everyday needs of the customers. We are proactive in solving our customers challenges.

Execution: We want the user experience to be seamless and pain-free for the customer. The website and app are designed to make the user experience a good and seamless process. 

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